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chain slingsSafeway Gold Standard Alloy Chain Slings utilize grade 80, 100 and 120 lifting chain, manufactured from special analysis alloy steel. It represents the ultimate in strength and wearability. Gold Standard Chain Slings are furnished with gold I.D. Tags. Every Gold Standard Chain sling is proof tested (pull tested to 200% vertical rated capacity) to assure quality and unit integrity. Each unit is individually serialized for traceability. Proof test certificate provided.

Safeway Gold Standard Alloy Chain Slings meet or exceed latest guidelines of the National Association of Chain  Manufacturers (NACM), ANSI B30.9 standards and strict OSHA requirements.

Gold Standard Welded Assemblies

Gold Standard Welded Assemblies are fabricated to your specifications by welding coupling links to attach chain to hooks and masterlinks. The result is a tamper-proof assembly.

Gold Standard Mechanical Assemblies

Gold Standard Mechanical Assemblies add the flexibility and convenience of replaceable rings, hooks and coupling links. This equates to lower cost and less down time to repair damaged assemblies.

Safeway Alloy Lifting Chain Specifications

Rugged, versatile, high strength, low weight chain manufactured from a special analysis alloy steel. Safeway Alloy chain has a comparatively high carbon content as well as containing various other alloying elements. The chain is quenched and tempered before proof testing. The ultimate tensile strength of alloy chain is over twice that of ordinary steel chain. The chain is marked to identify grade and manufacturer. It is the only chain recommended for use in over-head lifting applications. Regularly supplied in black protective finish.

Minimum elongation at break test 20%. All Safeway Chain meets or exceeds latest guidelines of the National Association of Chain Manufacturers (NACM), ANSI B30.9 standards and strict OSHA requirements.

How to Order:

1. Determine the maximum weight of LOAD
2. From the working load limit chart, determine the SIZE of the body chain for the Gold Standard Sling. Be sure to consider the effect of the angles
3. Determine the REACH for the selected angle by measuring the distance from the upper bearing surface of the master link to the bearing surface of the lower attachment
4. Standard attachments will be furnished. Attachments other than standard require detail specifications

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Type of Sling
S - Single Chain
D - Double Chain
T - Triple Chain
Q - Quadruple Chain

Basket Styles
SB - Single
DB - Double
SE - Single Endless
DE - Double Endless

Adjustable Styles
ASA - Single Style A
ASB - Single Style B
ADA - Double Style A
ADB - Double Style B
SLA - Single Loop Style A
SLB - Single Loop Style B
DLA - Double Loop Style A
DLB - Double Loop Style B

Type of Master Attachment
O - Oblong Link
P - Pear Link
R - Ring
N - No Master Attachment


Type of End Attachment
S - Sling Hook
G - Grab Hook
F - Foundry Hook
L - Self-Locking Hook
P - Plate Hook
N - No End Attachment