Ratchet Strap Assemblies

10,000 lb. Series: 2” Webbing with Long Wide Handle

Heavy duty Ratchet Strap Assemblies are used to tie down loads on flatbed trailers, trucks and for many other cargo restraint applications.

6,000 lb. Series:  2” Webbing with Standard Handle

Popular medium-duty Ratchet Strap Assembly – ideal for lighter, in-plant or palletized loads.

Endless Ratchet Buckle with Webbing

Standard assembly consists of buckle and 15’ of webbing.

3,000 lb. Series: 1” Heavy Duty Webbing

A complete line of versatile ratchet assemblies which are the perfect tie-downs for medium and light loads on trucks, and a variety of other general cargo restraint applications.

2,200 lb. Series: 1” Medium Duty Webbing

1,500 lb. Series: 1” Light Duty Webbing

Our inexpensive, multi-purpose ratchet buckle assembly for tying down motorcycles, ladders, boating gear and other lighter loads.

Logistic Straps

For lashing inside vans. 2” wide web with cambuckle and “E” fitting on both ends. 3,000 lb. break strength, 1,000 lb. working load limit. Also available with ratchet. 4,500 lb. Break Strength, 1,500 lb. working load limit. Available in standard 12’, 16’ or 20’ lengths, or to your specific requirement. (Specify stock number 3C for Cambuckle; 4R12, 16, or 20EF for ratchet.)

15,000 & 20,000 lb. Series: The “Big Brute” Ratchet Assembly is available in 27’ or 30’ lengths.

3” Heavy Duty Ratchet Assembly
15,000 lb. break strength (5,000 lb. working load limit).
Available with Flat Hooks (FH), D-Rings (DR), Grab Hooks (GH) or Chain with Grab (CG). Specify stock no. 15P27 FH, DR, GH or CG.

4” Heavy Duty Ratchet Assembly
20,000 lb. break strength (6,667 lb. working load limit).
Available with Wire Hooks (WH) or D-Rings (DR) only. Specify stock no. 20P27 WH or DR. Available with Flat Hooks (FH) but unit has a 16,200 lb. break strength (5,400 lb. working load limit). Specify stock no. 15P27FH (4”).

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Vehicle Recovery Straps

Designed for off-road vehicles, the elastic properties of nylon web frees stuck vehicles without the use of dangerous
hooks, chains or cables. Each strap furnished in heavy poly bag with instructions.

We have fabricated synthetic towing slings up to 450,000 lbs. break strength.

Stock No. Size Strength
22025 2” x 25' 20,000 lb. Ult. Web Tensile
22030 2” x 30' 20,000 lb. Ult. Web Tensile
32725 3” x 25' 27,000 lb. Ult. Web Tensile
32730 3” x 30' 27,000 lb. Ult. Web Tensile
43625 4” x 25' 36,000 lb. Ult. Web Tensile
43630 4” x 30' 36,000 lb. Ult. Web Tensile
65425 6” x 25' 54,000 lb. Ult. Web Tensile
65430 6" x 30' 54,000 lb. Ult. Web Tensile

Flat Bed Winch Accessories



Standard Weld-On Winch:  Stock no. SW
Weld-on Fixed Mount Winch. Use with 3" or 4" webbing. Holds 20' of webbing. 

Standard Portable Winch: Stock no. SP-2
Mount on flatbed side channel with 2 locking screws. Holds 20’ of 3” or 4” webbing.

Chrome Winch bar : Stock no. WB
Winch bar has knurled handle and offset tip for better grip.


Winch Strap Assemblies

Standard Winch Strap Assemblies are available in 3” or 4” widths and 27’ or 30’ lengths. These assemblies are built for rugged use to tie down cargo on flatbed trucks and trailers.

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Rubber Tarp Ties with S Hooks

Warning! Tarp ties lose strength and wear with age. They are not designed to hold a load in place. Overtensioning can cause ties to snap, creating a potential risk of personal injury.

Stock No. Strap Length Overall Length Between Tarp & Tie Rod
RT09 9” 14” 17” - 19”
RT15 15” 20” 24” - 26”
RT21 21” 25” 30” - 34”
RT31 31” 36” 43” - 48”
RT41 41” 46” 56” - 61”