Specially processed yarns encase load bearing core yarns that exhibit the ultimate in web sling performance. Laboratory tests prove Gold Standard webbing retains 11% to 24% more rated capacity than other sling webs after Military Hex-Bar Abrasion Testing. This is the true test of web integrity. We invite and welcome a side by side comparison with any other standard webbing. Learn why when it comes to QUALITY, Safeway Gold Standard IS the competition.

Great products require great service. At Safeway, you get that too! Knowledgeable staff go that extra step to get your order on its way. Customers return again and again because they know our products are excellent and our dealings are courteous and fair. Our quality and service are never compromised. All of us at Safeway invite you to see why the Gold Standard is simply the best.

Identification Tags and Product Warning Information
Safeway Slings have a heavy duty, hot branded leather tag designed to stay attached for the life of the sling. Valeron tags with lamination optional. In addition, all
slings have attached caution labels and printed warning sheets that include care, inspection and removal criteria.

Red Core Safety Yarns
Safeway Slings shown in this catalog have red core safety yarns that become visible when outer layers are worn, providing a signal to remove sling from service.
Polyester Round Slings have red striped, white load bearing yarns. All slings shown in this catalog are manufactured to meet or exceed current A.N.S.I. and stringent OSHA requirements. Tie down products are manufactured and marked to meet Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (C.V.S.A.) guidelines.