Synthetic Marine Slings

  • Lightweight and non-abrasive to hulls
  • Specially treated nylon or polyester webbing resists saltwater, mildew and oil
  • Strong - (capacities up to 34 tons) - yet flexible to adapt to any hull configuration
  • Wide choice of accessories available



Stock No. Width (in.) Ply Basket Capacity (lbs.)
MS-1-904 4 1 12,800
MS-2-904 4 2 24,000
MS-1-906 6 1 19,200
MS-2-906 6 2 36,000
MS-1-908 8 1 25,600
MS-2-908 8 2 45,600
MS-1-910 10 1 32,000
MS-2-910 10 2 56,000
MS-1-912 12 1 38,400
MS-2-912 12 2 67,200

Warning! Failure to follow proper care, use and inspection criteria may result in personal injury.  Do not exceed rated capacities. Horizontal sling angles less than 30 degrees shall not be used.

Fittings & Accessories for Boat Slings

Loose Pin Hardware allows in-field removal for use on other slings or on additional eyes for different sized boats. *

Reusable Alloy Steel Triangle is a permanent end fitting that slides easily onto the lifting hook.

Extra Sewn Eyes allows lifting of different sized boats with one set of slings.

Sliding Chine and Keel Pads allow positioning padding at any point to prevent rubbing on hull and protect sling from sharp corners.

Lead Weights help serve as anchor for sling in water.  Can be sewn into keel pad.  Available fixed or sliding.

Disconnect lets you remove sling from beneath the boat without removing sling eye from hook.  Protective flap standard.

Edge Guard Wear Pads protect sling's edges and extend its useful life.  Can be sewn on any portion of the sling.

*For loose pin hardware (shackles) on 2-ply slings made with 8", 10", or 12" webbing, please check with factory for maximum rated capacity.

Safeway Marine Slings Available in Nylon or Polyester Webbing

All Slings Fabricated to Your Exacting Specifications

Made in USA