Gold Standard Wire Rope Slings

Rugged and reliable, the flemish eye spliced with carbon steel sleeves offer the greatest safety in a wire rope choker. This construction offers 93-95% wire rope efficiency. Inspection is facilitated by painting sleeves gold to verify swaging is complete and proper. Capacity/Care and Instruction tag attached. Proof testing and certification available upon request.

Quality and safety... hallmarks of the Gold Standard

How to Order:

Determine the weight of the load and consider angle of sling to load.

1. Wire Rope Diameter: Inches
2. Sling Length: Feet - bearing point to bearing point
3. Wire Rope Finish: Bright, Galvanized, or Stainless Steel
4. Wire Rope Origin: Import / Domestic
5. Class of wire rope: 6x19 or 6x37 class
6. Any attachment: hooks, thimbles, etc.

Other Wire Rope Products

Safeway’s Rigging Department can also furnish:

  • 6-part Flat & 8-part Round Braid Slings
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Overhead Crane Hoist Assemblies
  • Winch Lines
  • Bulk Wire Rope
  • Aircraft Cable

Contact our Sales Department with your specifications.